Vitamin D3+K2
A Dietary Supplement
Ultra omega-3
A Dietary Supplement


Designed and manufactured in Europe
Compliance with the strictest GMP quality standards
Collaboration with research institutions
No prohibited substances

SNT is the leading European brand of health supplements. A wide range of products, a large variation in concentrations and dosages make the SNT brand universal for admission by both professional athletes and people who monitor their health.

The whole production cycle takes place in Europe, with compliance of all international requirements and quality standards.
SNT supplements are tested by European scientists before appearing on shelves.

Popular questions
Whose brand is that?

SNT is a European brand that produces premium quality vitamins and dietary supplements available to everyone.

Can you advise on how to take vitamins?

Of course, we will always answer your questions and tell you how to use this or that BAS correctly.

How do I understand what dietary supplements I need?

There is information about additives and ways of their application on the site in the "catalogue" section and in our social networks. But we recommend consulting a doctor (specialist)

How to take vitamins?

To understand the whole picture of what is happening, we recommend taking the necessary tests and consulting a specialist. Excess vitamins, as well as their lack, can also adversely affect health.

Do you produce vitamins for women only?

No! Our range is full of supplements suitable for absolutely any sex and age.

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